Friday, May 8, 2009

Bored In Etymology

Hey guys,
So I'm pretty bored. I'm sitting in the computer lab at my school because my Etymology class is supposed to be picking a topic for our end of the year project. I've picked mine. I'm going to do my project on Tolkien's language in The Lord of The Rings. Nifty isn't it. =D LOL. But I'm not really wanting to work, so I'm wasting time here. I'm good at that. Procrastination is the name of my game. Today's been an interesting day, it's all gone by pretty fast. Gold days always seem to go faster than Black. Probably because I only have ICP, English, Etymology, and Study Hall. I love Gold Days. And today at lunch I had french fries! =D I heart french fries. LOL. Can you tell I'm bored? Yeah, I'm sure you can. -Sigh- I should probably get to work.
Later Gators.
*Ash Nay*