Sunday, April 5, 2009


Why are you not here for me even though I've always been there for you!? 
Why does nothing ever go right for more than a few hours? 
Why did you have to leave town now?
Why are you such an asshole? 
Why did I let myself become so attached to you?
Why can't I help her!?
Why does SHE have to be sick? I'll take it! Just make her better, I'll cough for her! 
Why, after all the times I've put plans aside to help everyone else, am I always alone when I need help?
Why do I have night terrors? 
Why does no one really understand? 
Why does Spring Break always go wrong?!? 
Why ME!?! 

*Ash Nay*


Terese Ramin said...

Because it's 1:47 a.m. and ...


Aunt T

Peter Pan and *Ash Nay* said...

Yes, Thank you smart ass. =P